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Yoga in jaipur publish articles time to time. Here are the latest publications.
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sunsalutation series -1
This is the first article in the series of 14 articles on sun-salutation in which the readers will also know about most traditional 16 cycle sun-salutation based on my personal experience along with about the first pose known as pranam asana in 12 cycle now popular sun-salutation.Every day there will be new article on yoga from now onwards. Readers are welcome to send their feed back ... read more
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In this article 3 rd in the series you will read about the benefits of sun-salutation in heart diseases supported by top medical doctors of USA in their research work which is fully medically documented.Also learn the technique of the 3 rd pose of sun-salutation with its mantra and benefits.. read on ... read more
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In this article 4th in the series on sun-salutation the significance of mantras is discussed in details in sun-salutation.Also the important role sun-salutation plays in preventing and curing the ill effects of the planet Saturn (shani dasha) and benefits of 4th pose ashwa sanchalan mudra or horse pose.... read on for details ... read more
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In this article 5 th in the series you will read about my unique experience of learning subtle sun-salutation from a young real enlightened yogi in haridwar kumbha mela.About sun science and 5th pose with mnatras and its benefits. on for more ... read more
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sun-salutation 7
In this article the 7th in the series you will read about what world renowned naturopath says about the role of sun and sun-salutation in digestion.The importance and significance of ashtanga namaskar in traditional sun-salutation which is missing in the ashtanga or power yoga style of sun=salutation propounded and popularized by the revered Patta bi for for details read on... ... read more
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In this article 8th in the series you will know how sun-salutation strengthen your sun solar chart and also make your weak planets in the solar chart(janam-patri) strong.It also explains how it helps in preventing and curing osteoporosis in women.It also explains the spiritual significance of sun rise and sun set along with the traditional mantra and technique for the 8th pose of wonderful sun-salutation...for more details please read on.... ... read more
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In this article you will read about the significance of utterayan(north inclination of sun) and dakhinayan(southward inclination of sun) and its relevance in sun-salutation.The role of sun-salutation vis a vis diabetes-on why and how sun-salutation is so healing and rejuvenating. Read on for the technique for the 9 th pose and enjoy health, wealth and happiness..... read on ... read more
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In this article the tenth in series you will read about the role of sun-salutation in making the army of the notorious Genghis khan so strong and invincible.How sun-salutation regularizes heart beats or rhythm.The technique and significance of ASHWA-SANCHALAN ASANA or the 10th pose....for full details read on.. ... read more
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n this article 11th in the series you will read about the importance ,significance and reason why sun-God should be worshiped.You will also read about the relation of big bang theory with sun-salutation and celestial breathing.How detoxification of the body takes place by sun-salutation through balancing the fire element in the body.How sun-salutation influences feelings and emotions.How it cures post traumatic disorders and the technique of 11 th read on ... read more
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In this article 12th in the series you will read about the importance of sandhya vandan(worshiping of sun at both dawn and dusk),about human photosynthesis,role of sun rays in healing of osteoporosis.About the only sun-temple in Jaipur and its significance.detoxification through sun-salutation and much more so read on..... ... read more
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yogic encounter with a real saint
This article published in the famous travel magazine of international travel agency of kuoni tours under the head' yogsutra' will tell you about my real encounter with an real and enlightened saint of India during my holy visit to the world famous Kumb-mela recently.You wil also see the pictures of this wonderful saint a rare feat indeed these days so read on...... ... read more
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