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Unique Yoga Guru
Yoga Mother A Unique Yoga Guru
Every body would call her ‘Yoga Mother’ to start with and end up with ‘Mother’ only, because she treated the world as her family. More..

Yoga Mother A Unique Yoga Guru

Every body would call her ‘Yoga Mother’ to start with and end up with ‘Mother’ only, because she treated the world as her family.
Yoga Mother - she treated the world as her family
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What attracted and glued celebrities and famous peoples as diverse as Mr. Bill Clinton (Ex. US President) his daughter Chelsea, World renowned Oscar Winning director Jane Campaign, Late Smt. Indira Gandhi, Oscar Nominated actress Kate Winslet, Oscar Winner Cate blenchetle, Late Jawaharlal Nehru, his sister Vijay Laxmi Pandit, World famous Hollywood Queen Nicole Kidman, Hollywood Prime Tom Cruise Phiosrpea and host others to a frail simple, Gandhian lady Mrs. Daya Vyas, from Jaipur, comes to every one’s mind whosoever comes to know of this unique personality.

Mrs. Daya Vyas a first post graduate girl of Jaipur (Economics), a true Gandhian who had met the legendary Mahatma at his ‘Wardha’ Ashram with Mr. Jamnalal Ji Bajaj an industrialist and close confident of Gandhi Ji for 10 minutes, which changed her life. The Mahtma among many other things told her that “Generally for people their own family is the world but for you Let the Whole World be your family’’. Living the life as per the dictate of the father of the nation, this exceptional lady treated the whole world as family and was known all over the globe as ‘Yoga Mother’or mother. Every body would call her ‘Yoga Mother’ to start with and end up with ‘Mother’ only, because she treated the world as her family. This exceptionally talented passionate ‘Yoga’ lover lady, who had been doing yoga since the age of the seven took ‘Yoga-teaching full time after her retirement and soon became global yoga mother to the people of this World. She considered yoga, the only force that can unite the world divided very bitterly on the basis of religion, faith, caste, sex color and creed .

This lady was born 80 years ago in a well to do progressive Pareek Brahmin family of Jaipur was different from other children of her age group in her approach, thinking, determination, bravery, courage and fearless ,intelligence and intelligent curiosity which never left her tell her last day. Rated among the top ten yoga Guru’s of the world by the Prestigious ‘Harpers’, yoga mother had been doing the yoga since the age of the seven at a time, when yoga was ridiculed upon.

She learnt it from the best saints of that time including ‘Shivananda’, Gopal Swami iyenger and may others. After being married into the eminent political family, she continued her practice of Yoga. This brought her into close contact with Late Pandit Jawarlal Nehru and Late Smt. Indira Gandhi, who too were ‘Yoga Lovers’ and its daily practitioner and considered it an absolute necessity for physical, mental and emotional fitness. She took part in freedom struggle as a small kid and rubbed shoulders with top political leaders of that time engaged in the task of building India. She considered education as a very important means or tool of nation building and as such joined her family run university for girls only as a Professor of Economics. Where she taught not only economics but dance drama, swimming, all cultured activities and yoga, which according to her played very important part in character building. She learnt Sanskrit at the age of 55 and mastered it and did ‘Rudri’ the highest from of Prayer of ‘Lord Shiva’ in Sanskrit without book. The prayer is a part of ‘Vedas’ and is spread in 6 Chapter which she had memorized with perfect pronunciations.

After here retirement in 1986 she got engaged in the task of popularizing ‘Yoga’ and uniting the world through it and spreading peace and harmony. In this she traveled the globe many times over and showered boundless active compassion on million of her admirals and disciples. Which included a large number of celebrities too.

She followed her simple yogic life despite the tremolos recognition and popularity. This great lady whom Jane Campion – Described as dangerously talented ‘Mr. Bill Clinton as the most vibrant and enlightening personality, passed away as peacefully, gracefully and silently as she lived on 18th October, 2004 learning behind her ‘a large world family’ grieving. She was with ‘Taj Group as Yoga Mediation Consultant and refused all offer lucrative offers saying that ‘She is bowled over by the ‘grace, majesty and charm of the ‘Taj Group’. She was a real Jewel in this crown of ‘Taj’. I her daughter Dr. Shubha Vyas and her son Atul Vyas and trying to carry forward her unfinished mission of uniting the world through ‘Yoga’ Which is a philosophy /a religion of humanity at large not confined to any sect or a group. Yoga in the only tool, which can bring peace, and harmony in the world term by strife, conflicts and wars and perhaps World’s only and last hope.
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