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Unique Yoga Guru
Yoga Mother A Unique Yoga Guru
Every body would call her ‘Yoga Mother’ to start with and end up with ‘Mother’ only, because she treated the world as her family. More..

Yoga Offer

Celebrities in Yoga City
Yoga Mother
One fully integrated yoga -meditation session for groups (duration1 hour)


  1. Brief introduction to yoga philosophy-5 minutes
  2. Yogic prayers
  3. Simple but most effective yogic postures or asanas-30 min
  4. Brief introduction to pranayama or scinece of breathing-
  5. Few basic, simple but most effective breathing excercises(original yogic breathing)-10 min
  6. Breif introduction to the scince of meditation-
  7. Basic meditational practice-10 min
  8. Concluding yogic prayers-3 min
  9. Tea(complimentary) break and informal chat on yoga-15(this time is not included in the sessions time)
  10. Mineral water on actuals.
This session can be prolonged to 90 minutes and 120 minutes too but rates will also increase in the same proportion as already conveyed to you mineral water would be provided at actual cost and any other additional thing will be chareged at actuals.

We also offer the follwing services

  1. Yoga consultancy
  2. Personal/private yoga sessions for indivduals(specialised)
  3. Sun-salutaion training with mantras
  4. Elaborate pranayama practices
  5. Advance meditational practices
  6. Concentration practices
  7. Relaxation exercises based on yoga(very effective)
  8. Yoga concious sleep (relaxation excercises)
  9. Yoga querries answering session(academic)
  10. Stress management through original yogic practices
  11. Pro- active meditaion
  12. Disases- specific yoga session
  13. Yoga food/yoga break fast
  14. Yoga food cooking traing session
  15. Spcial indian chai prepration/training programme
  16. Yoga for fitness
  17. Yoga for beauty
  18. Musical yoga therapy
  19. Yoga silence
  20. Spritual yogic practices
the charges for all these will be charged extra and charges vary and require prior appointment.

We also can hold sessions or seminars abroad on sharing basis too.
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